Quality Assurance in Bio-Tech Companies

Many life sciences companies are behind the curve in adopting robotics and cognitive automation (R&CA).

Robotic process automation (RPA) and Robotic cognitive automation (RCA) are the 2 technologies that can help them make great improvements by improving the Quality.

To automate parts of repeatable processes, RPA tools are rules-based systems that imitate human behavior. RPA algorithms work in a consistent way once written and checked and don’t adjust. Repetitive, high-volume processes with defined steps and systems are typically good candidates for RPA.

By implementing machine learning software, RCA introduces cognitive capabilities to RPA. RCA instruments can process and interpret unstructured knowledge, make decisions and participate in predictive reasoning. Their actions, depending on the data and methods used to train them, can also change over time. RCA systems can be equipped to perform many of the same duties as human beings with proper quality deployment.

Author Bio: Shalu Chawla is a trained Quality Assurance professional and Business Analyst who writes about Quality Assurance and testing with the sole purpose of sharing information from her knowledge or by referring to other good sites. You can know more about her by clicking on www.shaluchawla.com or www.shalu-chawla.com. You can also visit me in my other website on wellness by clicking on https://shalu-chawla.org/ if interested in meditation or https://shalu-chawla.net/ if interested in travel topics.


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