Quality Assurance Process

Quality assurance process has 4 steps:

  1. Plan
  2. Do
  3. Check
  4. Act

Plan – Organization should design and set up the procedure related goals and decide the procedures that are required to convey an excellent final result.

Do – Development and testing of Processes and furthermore “do” changes in the procedures

Check – Monitoring of procedures, adjust the procedures, and check whether it meets the foreordained goals

Act – Implement activities that are important to accomplish upgrades in the procedures

It is important that you follow the steps and repeat it until one get the results they want for their project and bugs are reduced to none or acceptable levels.

Author Bio

Shalu Chawla works in the field of Automation Engineer, QA Analyst and Business Analysis. For more about her please visit her website www.shaluchawla.com . You can also visit me in my other website on wellness by clicking on https://shalu-chawla.org/ if interested in meditation or https://shalu-chawla.net/ if interested in travel topics.


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