Scalability Testing

Scalability Testing measures the system at the minimum and maximum loads at all levels.

Top 5 Attributes of Scalability Testing:

  • Response time:
    • It is the time between user request and the application response. Ideally, the response time should decrease as load increases.
    • If an application can deliver the same response time for varying user load; then AUT (application under test) deemed to be scalable.
  • Throughput:
    • Throughput is the measure of number of requests processed over a unit time by the application.
    • Throughput should remain same for varying level of load for an application to be deemed as scalable.
  • CPU Usage:
    • It is measure of the CPU Utilization for performing a task by an application. In ideal case; CPU utilization should be less for more optimized code.
  • Memory Usage:
    • It is the measure of the memory consumed for performing a task by an application.
    • For optimized code; memory usage should be less.
  • Network Usage:
    • It is the amount of bandwidth consumed by an application under test.

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