Top Tech Innovations in 2020

Every January, Las Vegas hosts the CES convention, which provides innovators with the opportunity to showcase their products that span various technological fields. A number of unique items were demonstrated at this year’s show. Take a look at some of the offerings for the year.

Smart Baby Monitor

Many are familiar with wearable devices that monitor heart rate and other vital signs via biometric sensors. But, a group from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s IBM Watson AI Lab demonstrated a low-power device that is both inexpensive and need not be worn. Cocoon Health exhibited its smart baby monitor. The device uses computer vision and AI to monitor the respiratory rate, movement, and sound produced by infants. Parents are able to determine when the baby goes to sleep, awakens, and stores data for viewing.

Norm Glasses

Augmented and virtual reality devices are popular devices in the gaming industry. However, the devices have many other applications. Human Capable demonstrated their device named “Norm Glasses.” The eyewear resembles a traditional pair of glasses but contains an Android computer. The eyewear has voice activation. When functional, the glasses provide a heads up display that enables users to choose to listen to music through dual speakers. The device also makes phone calls, sends text messages, and performs other functions.


Smart refrigerators have been available for a while. Among other functions, the appliances have the ability to monitor food contents and alert owners when particular foods require replacement. The Pantryon is a companion device that monitors the staples stored in the pantry. Alerts on automatically sent to a smartphone via the downloadable app. The pantry assistant makes shopping lists when items run low. The technology also suggests ingredients and shops around for the best grocery prices in the area.

Langogo Translator

World travelers often try to learn basic words and phrases before venturing to a foreign country. They also often carry a bi-lingual dictionary in order to communicate with the locals. The Langogo makes conversing easier. The pocket-size device translates 70 different world languages in less than one second. Users simply need to ask a question or state a phrase. The Langogo instantly translates and states the response in the chosen language. The unit also acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to six devices in addition to being a virtual assistant.

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