User Onboarding

User Onboarding is a process that starts from the very first welcome email  & first run experience, and can span over several months (depending on the  product) to keep the customer continue using your SaaS app and receiving  value from it.

Its well said that ““Onboarding isn’t about installing  training wheels, it’s about getting  people to ride without them.”

Steps to help with user onboarding:

Let the user do it

Don’t teach all at once

Use fewer words

Remove noise

Create a clear, short & friendly copy

Engage user with call to action

Always ask the following:

What is the primary action(s) we want our user to take within the app?

What steps does the user need to take in order to reach that goal?

Its always feel good to be welcomed so use examples like:

“We’re glad you’re here!”

“Welcome home, John Doe”

“Hey John Doe, welcome to your Feed!”  “Welcome John Doe!”

“Welcome! Find something to play.”

So finally give important to onboarding if you want to have good user experience for your website. Plus make sure the website is working well from Quality assurance perspective. You can also visit me in my other website on wellness by clicking on if interested in meditation or if interested in travel topics.

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