Human Factors Engineering

Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary field concerned with the interaction between people and the technical and built world around them.

•Some areas of concern to human factors engineers:

–UI/UX  engineering the user experience

–Decision making

–Product design

–Human performance

–Human movement and control of action




–Human error


–and more . . .

•Includes what we know about human behavior in the engineering development process

It focuses on the following aspects:

–Needs:  Understanding the person in her/his context.

– Abilities:  What is a person able to do safely, comfortably, effectively?

–Goals:  What is the person trying to do?  What actions do they think they need to take?

Understanding all this and apply Quality assurance to these aspects are important for being a successful Quality Assurance Engineer.

Author Bio: Shalu Chawla is a trained Quality Assurance professional and Business Analyst who writes about Quality Assurance and testing with the sole purpose of sharing information from her knowledge or by referring to other good sites. You can know more about her by clicking on or You can also visit me in my other website on wellness by clicking on if interested in meditation or if interested in travel topics.


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