Website Prototypes

Prototypes are simulations, models if you will of the finished product will work. They let you experience how the application flows, how its interactions work and test the usability and feasibility of your designs. Hence, the main idea behind the prototyping is making initial users and stakeholders more informed about the product by demonstrating all activities and flow of the product.

As per, Prototyping are used to understand user requirements before creating website to make sure we understand what users want? Not only do prototypes allow us to test the feasibility and usability of our designs before we actually begin writing code, they also lead to unexpected discoveries and innovations that may or may not take our project beyond its initial scope.

Prototypes can be created using basic tools like paper, HTML/CSS or tools like Adobe fireworks, Axure or figma.

Prototype is high fidelity set of functional pages or components which Contains detailed page components for the task flow. They contains a targeted, usability testable specific user task scenario and contains the actual navigation and interactions for eventual coding

Best Tools for building prototype are the following:

● Axure RP

● Marvel

● Moqups

● Balsamiq

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