Key features of Automation Testing

Automation testing is a software testing technique that involves the use of software tools to execute test cases and verify the results automatically. It is widely used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing. In this article, we will discuss the key features of automation testing in 1000 words. In conclusion, automation testingContinue reading “Key features of Automation Testing”

How to perform business acceptance testing?

Business Acceptance Testing (BAT) is a process of verifying that a software application meets the requirements and expectations of the business stakeholders. BAT is typically performed towards the end of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and is designed to ensure that the application meets the business goals and objectives. Here are the steps toContinue reading “How to perform business acceptance testing?”

Website Prototypes

Prototypes are simulations, models if you will of the finished product will work. They let you experience how the application flows, how its interactions work and test the usability and feasibility of your designs. Hence, the main idea behind the prototyping is making initial users and stakeholders more informed about the product by demonstrating allContinue reading “Website Prototypes”

Functional Automated Testing

As the name suggest, functional automated testing tools have an automated test component which makes the task to test the application automated or non-human intervention. Automated test are programmed to run at a certain trigger which can be manual, time driven or event driven and can be via automated unix or linux jobs. Most script-based test automationContinue reading “Functional Automated Testing”

Scalability Testing

Scalability Testing measures the system at the minimum and maximum loads at all levels. Top 5 Attributes of Scalability Testing: Response time: It is the time between user request and the application response. Ideally, the response time should decrease as load increases. If an application can deliver the same response time for varying user load;Continue reading “Scalability Testing”