Database Testing

Database testing is composed of constructing SQL queries to make sure different database operations, structures, and attributes required by the application works well without breaking the integrity of the application.

It also depends on what is the goal for database testing. If the goal of the database testing is to make sure that the database works well with the application then you start with the application and test it with keeping data going to the database in mind. If the focus is to make sure that the database itself follow all constraints and correct normalization then the focus is to make queries to insert data and update data plus delete data to make sure data duplication does not happen.

Later select queries are performed to make sure there is no anomalies in the database tables. The ACID properties validation is also included. These are atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability. Accurate testing of these happens during the DB testing activity. Database testing also needs to cover the accuracy of implemented business rules, as databases are not just for records storage.

Other operations and attributes that can be tested are:

  • Database constraints
  • Stored procedures
  • Views
  • Indexes

Overall Database testing includes performing data validity, data integrity testing, performance check related to database and testing of procedures, triggers and functions in the database. This is an introductory tutorial that explains all the fundamentals of Database testing. To perform DB testing, a tester needs a thorough knowledge of database concept − like procedures and functions, views, indexes, keys and good hands-on SQL. Data comes from multiple heterogeneous data sources over web applications, Intranet applications and various other applications.(Source: TutorialPoint)

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