Key features of Automation Testing

Automation testing is a software testing technique that involves the use of software tools to execute test cases and verify the results automatically. It is widely used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of software testing. In this article, we will discuss the key features of automation testing in 1000 words. In conclusion, automation testingContinue reading “Key features of Automation Testing”

Database Testing

Database testing is composed of constructing SQL queries to make sure different database operations, structures, and attributes required by the application works well without breaking the integrity of the application. It also depends on what is the goal for database testing. If the goal of the database testing is to make sure that the database works wellContinue reading “Database Testing”

Black box and white box testing

Black Box Testing is a software testing method in which the internal structure, design, implementation of the item being tested is NOT known to the tester. In this sort of testing testers mainly focuses on the functionality of the system. Tester basically test and don’t need the technical details and just focus on the functionalityContinue reading “Black box and white box testing”

User Onboarding

“Onboarding isn’t about installing  training wheels, it’s about getting  people to ride without them.” – By Samuel Hulick User Onboarding is a process that starts from the very first welcome email  & first run experience, and can span over several months (depending on the  product) to keep the customer continue using your SaaS app andContinue reading “User Onboarding”

What are Design Prototypes?

● Prototypes are simulations, models if you will of the finished product will work. ● They let you experience how the application flows, how its interactions work and test the usability and feasibility of your designs. • Prototyping are used to understand user requirements before creating website to make sure we understand what users want?Continue reading “What are Design Prototypes?”

Functional Automated Testing

As the name suggest, functional automated testing tools have an automated test component which makes the task to test the application automated or non-human intervention. Automated test are programmed to run at a certain trigger which can be manual, time driven or event driven and can be via automated unix or linux jobs. Most script-based test automationContinue reading “Functional Automated Testing”

Principles of Quality Assurance

As Wikipedia say, Quality assurance includes two principles: “Fit for purpose” (the product should be suitable for the intended purpose); and “right first time” (mistakes should be eliminated). For me this needs to be broken down further to understand in layman terms. Obviously the goal is that the products should meets all functional and usabilityContinue reading “Principles of Quality Assurance”

Tests that is hard to Be Automated

• Usability testing – “How easy is the application to use?” • One-time testing • “ASAP” testing – “We need to test NOW!” • Ad hoc/random testing – based on intuition and knowledge of application • Back-end testing Author Bio Shalu Chawla works in the field of Automation Engineer, QA Analyst and Business Analysis. ForContinue reading “Tests that is hard to Be Automated”

Automation Testing

Automation testing is the process of testing where human interaction are not involved and testing tool is scripted to perform the testing tasks on their behalf. Some of the youtube videos on this topic is: Author Bio Shalu Chawla works in the field of Automation Engineer, QA Analyst and Business Analysis. For moreContinue reading “Automation Testing”