Functional Automated Testing

As the name suggest, functional automated testing tools have an automated test component which makes the task to test the application automated or non-human intervention. Automated test are programmed to run at a certain trigger which can be manual, time driven or event driven and can be via automated unix or linux jobs.

Most script-based test automation tools like Selenium create brittle test cases that require burdensome and costly maintenance cycles.  It takes coding time to write and requires continuous maintenance and changes but still they are very popular. Reason being its great in a use cases like regression testing where tests are pretty much stable and functionality generally do not change. Maintenance is low in these scenarios once coded well by the developers. Tools like selenium uses a Selenium WebDriver which is a collection of open source APIs which are used to automate the testing of a web application. See more on the following link:

New automation approaches in the marketplace provides rapid creation of resilient tests that can be easily maintained. This allows our customers to achieve higher test automation rates from release to release. One such tool is Tosca from Tricentis. See the following link for more information on this topic:

You should make an informed choice for the tool which one choose for the organization based on its importance, organization need, resource technicality and ease of maintenance. Look to Gartner or Forrester for various research and the new trends and take the appropriate decision.

Author Bio: Shalu Chawla is a trained Quality Assurance professional and Business Analyst who writes about Quality Assurance and testing with the sole purpose of sharing information from her knowledge or by referring to other good sites. You can know more about her by clicking on or


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